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Cell Culture Chamber

The QV500 cell culture chamber is a highly flexible research tool, ideal for academic use. Produced from medical-grade silicone, the chamber provides a leak proof seal, allowing continuous flow of media across and through cell cultures.

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The chamber has a common diameter with the wells in standard 24-well plates, allowing for protocols developed for static cultures to easily be transferred to the system, as well as providing compatibility with both coverslips and a range of 3D scaffolds.

The modular design allows the system to be customised to provide the most suitable model for each specific experiment.


Users of the QV500 can expect to profit from a number of key benefits associated with the QV500 cell culture chambers:

  • Continuous replenishment of media
  • Recirculation of media allows self-conditioning by cells
  • Prevents necrosis in 3D culture
  • Modular, flexible system
  • Standard well size
  • More physiological relevance
  • Reservoir allows easier media change without shock to culture
  • Sealed system design ensures sterility in operation
  • Autoclavable
  • Repeat usage


Chamber width 15 mm internal
Chamber depth 10 mm from culture surface to top of chamber base
Materials Chamber: PDMS
Tubing: Tygon
Luers and reservoir bottle: Polypropylene
Overall dimensions 23 mm height x 37 mm diameter
Diameter of tubing Inlet: 1/16” ID
Outlet: 3/32” ID
Volume of chamber 2 ml
QV500 starter kit


The QV500 chamber is currently being used by both academic and industrial laboratories worldwide, here’s a selection of the published papers that have used QV500 within their research.
Glucose and fatty acid metabolism in a 3 tissue in-vitro model challenged with normo- and hyperglycaemia

Authors: Iori, E. et al., 2012.
Journal: PLoS ONE, 7(4), pp.1–9.

Design Criteria for Generating Physiologically Relevant In Vitro Models in Bioreactors.
Authors: Mattei, G., Giusti, S. & Ahluwalia, A., 2014

Journal: Processes, 2, pp.548–569.

In vitro generation of functional liver organoid-like structures using adult human cells.

Authors: Ramachandran, S.D. et al., 2015.

Journal: PLoS ONE, 10(10), pp.1–14.


The QV500 is designed to eliminate bubbles and provide laminar flow. It allows for submerged cell culture, whilst the modular nature allows for interconnecting cell co-culture:

  • Co-culture
  • Long-Term Exposure
  • Repeat dosage
  • Systemic system models & interactions
QV500 starter kit
QV500 logo


The QV500 starter kit contains all of the parts you need to set up a Quasi Vivo® system. With the addition of a peristaltic pump, the kit provides everything you need to convert your existing 24-well static cultures to flow. In addition to three chambers and a reservoir bottle, the kit also contains ample tubing and connectors to set up the system, as well as holding trays for the complete system and a comprehensive user guide.


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