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Published Papers using Quasi Vivo

Below is a sample of publications featuring Quasi Vivo®.


Fast-track development of an in vitro 3D lung/immune cell model to study Aspergillus infections

Products: QV600

Authors: Chandokar. et al., 2017.
Journal: Scientific Reports. 2017, August.


Symmetry-breaking in branching epithelia: cells on micro-patterns under flow challenge the hypothesis of positive feedback by a secreted autocrine inhibitor of motility.

Products: QV500

Authors: Martin K. et al., 2017.
Journal: Journal of Anatomy. 2017 March.


From the Cover: Disease-Induced Disparities in Formation of the Nanoparticle-Biocorona and the Toxicological Consequences.

Products: QV500

Authors: Shannahan, JH. et al., 2016
Journal: Toxicol Sci. 2016 Aug;152(2):406-16

A multistep procedure to prepare pre-vascularized cardiac tissue constructs using adult stem cells, dynamic cell cultures, and porous scaffolds

Products: QV500

Authors: Pagliari, S. et al., 2014
Journal: Frontiers in Physiology, 5 JUN (June), pp.1–12

Design Criteria for Generating Physiologically Relevant In Vitro Models in Bioreactors

Product: QV500

Authors: Mattei, G., Giusti, S. & Ahluwalia, A., 2014.
Journal: Processes, 2, pp.548–569.

A Low Shear Stress Modular Bioreactor for Connected Cell Culture under High Flow Rates

Product: QV500

Authors: Mazzei, D. et al., 2010.
Journal: Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 106, pp.127–137

Physiological Fluid Flow Moderates Fibroblast Responses to TGF-β1.

Product: QV500

Authors: Nithiananthan, S. et al., 2016.
Journal: Journal of cellular biochemistry, 13(October), pp.1–13

In Vitro Generation of Functional Liver Organoid-Like Structures using Adult Human Cells

Product: QV500

Authors: Ramachandran, S.D. et al., 2015
Journal: PLoS ONE, 10(10), pp.1–14

Fluid Shear Stress Modulation of Hepatocyte-Like Cell Function

Products: QV500

Authors: Rashidi, H. et al., 2016
Journal: Archives of Toxicology, pp.3–7

In Vitro Toxicological Screening of Nanoparticles on Primary Human Endothelial Cells and the Role of Flow in Modulating Cell Response

Products: QV500

Authors: Ucciferri, N. et al., 2014.
Journal: Nanotoxicology, 8(6), pp.697–708

An In Vitro model of Glucose and Lipid Metabolism in a Multicompartmental Bioreactor

Products: QV500

Authors: Vinci, B. et al., 2012
Journal: Biotechnology Journal, 7, pp.117–126.

Modular Bioreactor for Primary Human Hepatocyte Culture: Medium Flow Stimulates Expression and Activity of Detoxification Genes

Products: QV500

Authors: Vinci, B. et al., 2011
Journal: Biotechnology Journal, 6, pp.554–564.

A Novel Dual-Flow Bioreactor Simulates Increased Fluorescein Permeability in Epithelial Tissue Barriers

Products: QV600

Authors: Giusti, S. et al., 2014.
Journal: Biotechnology Journal, 9, pp.1175–1184

Glucose and Fatty Acid Metabolism in a 3 Tissue In-Vitro Model Challenged with Normo- and Hyperglycaemia

Product: QV500

Authors: Iori, E. et al., 2012
Journal: PLoS ONE, 7(4), pp.1–9

 Allometric Scaling In Vitro
Products: N/A
Authors: Ahluwalia, A. 2017.
Journal: Sci. Rep. 7, 42113; doi: 10.1038/srep42113

The insulin sensitiser metformin regulates chicken Sertoli and germ cell populations.

Products: QV500

Authors: FaureM. et al., 2016.
Journal: Reproduction. 2016 May;151(5):527-38

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