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Dr Pascale Guillot

Dr Pascale V. Guillot     Kirkstall recently caught up with Quasi Vivo® user Dr Pascale V. Guillot. Pascale is a senior lecturer at the University College London, Women's Institute for Health and focuses her research studies on the stem cells and bone tissue...

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Scientific Programme

 ADVANCES IN CELL & TISSUE CULTURE 2017 SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME     MONDAY 22nd MAY In Vitro Models for Animal Replacement Chair: Dr Brett Cochrane, Dr Hadwen Trust Speakers: Diane Lee, University of Surrey A bovine alveolus model to replace cattle in the...

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Western Blot with Quasi Vivo®

Western Blots using Quasi Vivo® Many of our customers often think that there wont be enough protein content in cells cultured in a Quasi Vivo® chamber to perform many of the analytical techniques, including Western blots. We spoke to Quasi Vivo® user Esther Johann who...

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KTP with MMU

KTP with Manchester Metropolitan University Kirkstall have joined Manchester Metropolitan University to sponsor a Post Doc position within the university. They will be working to develop an off-the-shelf kit for safety tests in drug development and will start in...

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Dr Miriam Dwek Talks Quasi Vivo® Training

Q & A with Dr Miriam Dwek How are you using QV in your lab? We are using the Quasi Vivo® system in our studies of breast cancer cell behaviour in 3-dimensional cell culture. What were the main benefits you got from the training? By undertaking the training and...

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Quasi Vivo® Training at the University of Westminster

ADVANCED CELL CULTURE LAB BASED TRAINING COURSE 16th and 17th March 2017 University of Westminster, London. We are pleased to announce the 1st in a series of workshops in 2017 will be hosted in the department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Westminster,...

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CRACK IT Challenge

New CRACK IT Challenge Kirkstall is pleased to be a part of one of three winning consortia for the NC3Rs CRACK IT challenge: OsteoChip. Together with Cardiff University, University of York and Biogelx, the project aims to develop an in vitro model to recapitulate the...

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ACTC 2017 Keynote speaker Harvey Clewell

Keynote Speaker: Harvey Clewell What does ScitoVation do and what is your role there? ScitoVation does innovative cell-based science.  We assess the potential impact of compounds on human health by developing and implementing in vitro cell-based assays and...

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Interview with Alec O’Keeffe PhD Student

Interview with Alec O'Keeffe -PhD Student Take 4 minutes of your time to view this video interview with Alec O'Keeffe, PhD student at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Alec is using QV900 chambers to develop in vitro models for the testing of...

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Quasi Vivo® Coffee clubs

Quasi Vivo® Coffee Clubs The Quasi Vivo® Coffee Clubs are "free coffee and cake meetings" for all past, present, and prospective users of our Quasi Vivo® system, or for anyone who is interested in learning more about flow systems. Coffee clubs are a great way to build...

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See you at SOT?

See you at SOT? Kirkstall's CEO Dr J Malcolm Wilkinson will be attending SOT 2017 where he will be presenting our latest poster: Improved IC-50 Prediction Using the Quasi Vivo® In Vitro Dynamic Cell Culture Flow System. Our poster will be in Hall A in Late-Breaking...

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Q & A with Esther Johann, Merck

Q & A with Esther Johann We recently visited PhD student Esther Johann, working for Merck, to discuss how she’s found working with Quasi Vivo® How did you hear about Quasi Vivo®? I guess it was Phil (Hewitt, Esther’s PhD supervisor) so it must have been part of my...

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Kirkstall Awarded The Lush Prize for Training

The Lush Prize for Training We are delighted to announce that on Friday 11th November 2017, Kirkstall Ltd. were announced as winners of The Lush Prize Award for training, in recognition of the pioneering work we are doing with both academic and industry research...

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Q & A with Dr Pascale Guillot

Q & A with Dr Pascale Guillot Kirkstall recently caught up with Dr Pascale Guillot. Pascale is a senior lecturer at the University College London and focuses her studies on the stem cells and bone tissue formation. How did you hear about Quasi Vivo®? We heard...

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Video Interview with Dr Miriam Dwek

Video Interview with Dr Miriam Dwek Kirkstall talks to Dr Miriam Dwek, Reader in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Westminster, to talk about the 3D breast cancer models developed in her lab. We ask her how the introduction of flow using Quasi Vivo® system is...

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MicroNano 2016 Conference

MicroNano 2016 Conference Over 300 people attended this two day event exploring the applications of micro and nanotechnology. The Dutch have been particularly successful in moving this technology from academic research into the marketplace. Market pull from their...

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ACTC 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

ACTC Sponsorship Opportunities We are pleased to invite you to sponsor and/or exhibit at our international and interdisciplinary meeting, exploring Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture (ACTC). ACTC 2017 will be held in Manchester, between the 22nd and the 24th May...

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20% Off Quasi Vivo® Kit

20% Off Quasi Vivo® Kit Kirkstall Ltd. recently celebrated our 10th anniversary, having established our organisation in late 2006 following a visit to the University of Pisa, where CEO Malcolm Wilkinson was first introduced  to the interconnected co-culture system,...

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Christmas Jumper Day!

On Friday the 16th December we wore our best Christmas jumpers in support of Save the Children. In 2015 Save the Children helped 17.5 million children worldwide through providing education, emergency care, and protection. It was great to be involved with this national...

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