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Cell Culture Chamber

The QV900 6-chamber optical tray provides a compact, disposable unit ideal for high-content experiments and industrial use.

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Each QV900 tray consists of 6 chambers, each with individual lids and connectors, in the same footprint as a standard well plate, creating a compact unit which allows a range of configuration options. The tray is formed of high-quality optically-clear plastic, allowing for live cell imaging and microscopy of cultures in situ within the plate.


Users of the QV900 can expect to profit from a number of key benefits associate with the QV900 cell culture chambers:

  • Continuous perfusion of media
  • Optically clear chambers for live cell imaging
  • Compact tray with standard footprint
  • Modular chamber connections
  • Gas-impermeable chambers
  • Low non-specific binding


Chamber width 15 mm internal
Chamber depth 22 mm
Materials Chamber:

Base: Altuglas SG7 – Acrylic Resin

Lids: Melifex  M8706 – Styrene TEP
Tubing: Tygon/PTFE & FEP
Luers and reservoir bottle: Polypropylene

Overall dimensions 23 mm height x 37 mm diameter
Diameter of tubing Inlet: 1/16” ID
Outlet: 3/32” ID
Volume of chamber 4 ml
QV900 tray


The QV900 chamber is currently being used by both academic and industrial labs worldwide, here’s a selection of the published papers that have used Q900 within their research.

Fluid Dynamic Modeling to Support the Development of Flow-Based Hepatocyte Culture Systems for Metabolism Studies

Authors: Pedersen, J.M. et al., 2016.
Journal: Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 4(September), p.72


The QV900 6-chamber optical tray provides an ideal research environment for:

  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Repeat Dosage
  • Long Term Exposure
  • Hypoxic Conditions
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Evaluation Kit (for new users only): One tray with 2 reservoir bottles, with tubing & luers and a user guide.

Starter Kit: Provides everything needed to start using Quasi Vivo®, 3 trays & 2 reservoir bottles, luers and tubing, and user guide.


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