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Cell Culture Chamber

The QV600 chamber has been designed for surface cultures, such as skin, respiratory epithelium or whole corneas. Additionally, the use of transwells to create a double cavity chamber is ideal for the study of membranes and barrier models.

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The QV600 provides a constant medium surface, positioned to allow the membrane on commercial inserts to sit at this height and provide cell cultures with a continuous perfusion of media as well as exposure to a controlled gaseous environment.

The QV600 chamber can also be fitted with an alternative insert to create a double cavity chamber ideal for the study of membranes and barrier models.


Users of the QV600 can expect to profit from a number of key benefits associate with the QV600 cell culture chambers:

  • Continuous flow of medium across cell cultures
  • Consistent ALI level within chambers – no risk of cells drying due to evaporation
  • Ports for control of gas within culture
  • Simple fluid level control
  • Sized for commercially available inserts


Chamber width 15 mm internal
Chamber depth 33 mm, minimum depth 12 mm
Materials Chamber: PDMS
Tubing: Tygon
Luers and reservoir bottle: Polypropylene
Overall dimensions 23 mm height x 37 mm diameter
Diameter of tubing Inlet: 1/16” ID
Outlet: 3/32” ID
Volume of chamber 2 ml running as ALI, 2 x 2 ml with barrier insert
QV600 chamber and accessories


The QV600 chamber is currently being used by both academic and industrial labs worldwide, here’s a selection of the published papers that have used QV600 within their research.

A novel dual-flow bioreactor simulates increased fluorescein permeability in epithelial tissue barriers.

Authors: Giusti, S. et al., 2014.
Journal: Biotechnology Journal, 9, pp.1175–1184.


Commercially available inserts can easily be fitted to the QV600 chambers, giving them great flexibility and a wide variety of applications:

Surface cultures

  • Cornea
  • Skin
  • Respiratory System

Barrier models

  • Gut model
  • Blood-Brain Barrier
  • Kidney
QV600 starter kit
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The QV600 starter kit contains everything you need to add flow to your experiments (except a peristaltic pump) – 3 chambers, tubing & reservoir bottle to form a complete circuit, holding trays for the complete system and a user guide.


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