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Organ On A Chip Technology

The Quasi Vivo® system is an advanced interconnected cell culture flow system, engineered to provide in vivo like conditions for cell growth.

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Kirkstall Ltd. is a biotechnology company, operating within the global organ-on-a-chip market. Established in 2006, our aim is to satisfy the overwhelming need for more human relevant science, brought about by the failures of traditional in vitro research and animal research models.


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Designed to eliminate bubbles and provide laminar flow. It allows for submerged cell culture, whilst the modular nature allows for interconnecting cell co-culture.

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The QV600 chamber allows the creation of an air liquid interface or liquid/liquid barrier model through the insertion of commercially available inserts or transwells.

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The QV900 6-chamber optical tray provides a compact, “organ-on-a-chip” like disposable unit making it ideal for users requiring high-content experiments and for industrial use.


“The utility of in vitro testing in toxicology and also to some extent in compound discovery activities has been very limited in the past. The Quasi Vivo® technology overcomes many of the major obstacles preventing in vitro techniques from being a scientifically valid approach that can mimic accurately what can happen in and between different human and animal tissues.”

Prof. David Tweats, former Vice-President of GSK


The Quasi Vivo® system is specifically designed for ease of use and adaptability.

There are 3 different chambers available, giving you a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to:


ACTC 2018

ADVANCES IN CELL AND TISSUE CULTURE 2018 We have the pleasure of announcing the dates and location for the next in our annual series of conferences on Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture. Hosted by Kirkstall Ltd, the 2017 conference will be held in...

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Improved IC-50 prediction using Quasi Vivo ®

SAY HELLO AT EUROTOX This year marks the 53rd Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology and will be held just a few steps from the heart of downtown Bratislava. The congress will run for 4 days from the 10th-13th of September, 2017. With a programme...

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Q&A with PhD student Shehnaz Ahmed What is the aim of your PhD? The aim of my PhD is to develop a physiologically relevant in vitro tissue model with the ability to monitor important parameters in situ, such as pH within the cellular microenvironment....

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